Ergonomics Seminar Report With PPT


Ergonomics is a multi disciplinary science that applies principles based on the physical and psychological capabilities of people to the design or modification of jobs, equipment, products, and workplaces. The goals of ergonomics are to decrease risk of injuries and illnesses (especially those related to the musculoskeletal system), to improve worker performance, to decrease worker discomfort and to improve the quality of work life The benefits of well-designed jobs, equipment, products, work methods and workplaces include: enhanced safety and health performance; reductions in cases of musculoskeletal disorders; improved quality and productivity; reductions in errors; heightened employee morale; reduced compensation and operating costs; and accommodation of diverse populations, including those with disabilities. Although ergonomics is an evolving field, proper application of its principles can achieve benefits that are significant and immediate.



“Ergonomics” Seminar Report

Page Length: 15 Pages


  • Introduction
  • What Is Ergonomics?
  • What Can The Employer Do?
  • How Do I Control Ergonomic Hazards?
  • Conclusion
  • References

Include with “Ergonomics” PPT

Page Length: 22 Pages


  • What is Ergonomics?
  • History
  • Goal of Ergonomics
  • 3 Main Ergonomic Principles:
  • UAA Ergonomic Program goals
  • Occupational Risk Factors
  • How to sit properly
  • Arranging the work space
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • How Ergonomics can help
  • Conclusion
  • References 

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