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The greenhouse effect increases the temperature of the Earth by trapping heat in our atmosphere. This keeps the temperature of the Earth higher than it would be if direct heating by the Sun was the only source of warming. When sunlight reaches the surface of the Earth, some of it is absorbed which warms the ground and some bounces back to space as heat. Greenhouse gases that are in the atmosphere absorb and then redirect some of this heat back towards the Earth.
The greenhouse effect is a major factor in keeping the Earth warm because it keeps some of the planet’s heat that would otherwise escape from the atmosphere out to space. In fact, without the greenhouse effect the Earth’s average global temperature would be much colder and life on Earth as we know it would not be possible. The difference between the Earth’s actual average temperature 14° C (57.2° F) and the expected effective temperature just with the Sun’s radiation -19° C (-2.2° F) gives us the strength of the greenhouse effect, which is 33° C.
The greenhouse effect is a natural process that is millions of years old. It plays a critical role in regulating the overall temperature of the Earth. The greenhouse effect was first discovered by Joseph Fourier in 1827, experimentally verified by John Tyndall in 1861, and quantified by Svante Arrhenius in 1896.
History of Greenhouse Effect
Joseph Fourier discovered the greenhouse effect back in 1824. Fourier looked at some of the experimental data available at the time and worked out that the Earth gets most of its energy from solar radiation (predominately, the sun). He thought that gases were responsible for absorbing the radiation and warming the earth. He was one of the first scientists who stated that the energy on the earth came from numerous sources.


“Greenhouse Effect” Seminar Report

Page Length: 39 Pages


  • What Is The Greenhouse Effect?
  • What Are Greenhouse Gases?
  • The Principal Forcing Greenhouse Gases Are:
  • Main Sources Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • Main Sources Of Methane Emissions
  • Main Sources Of Nitrous Oxide Emissions
  • Advantages Of Greenhouse Effect
  • Disadvantages Of Greenhouse Effect
  • Conclusion
  • References

Include with “Greenhouse Effect ” PPT

Page Length: 47 Pages


  • History of greenhouse gases
  • Idea Web
  • Introduction
  • Causes of greenhouse gases
  • Importance of greenhouse effect
  • But???
  • Disadvantages of greenhouse effect
  • Future consequences
  • The changing environment
  • Solutions
  • Roles of  students
  • Live examples
  • Video
  • International Conventions
  • Conclusion

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