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A hypothesis is a tentative generalisation, the validity of which remains to be tested. In its elementary stage, a hypothesis may become the basis for action or investigation.According to Goode and Hatt, “a hypothesis is a proposition which can be put to test for determining the validity.Kerlinger states hypothesis as a conjectural statement of the relationship between two or more variables.A hypothesis is stated in declarative form and they always relate either generally or especially variable.
Different experts define hypothesis in different ways. Some of the definitions are as below.
The hypothesis is the conjectural (suggested) relationship between two variables.
The hypothesis is an elaborated theory .The validity of which remains to be tested. (William H.George)
When any hypothesis is provided that become theory So, a hypothesis is the immature theory.
The hypothesis is any hunch guess or imaginative idea which may be the basis of resonating.
From the above definition, we can conclude that hypothesis is the basis of resonating any fact which provides as a key where we have to move.Not only in case of research, a hypothesis is used in ever walking of life.In our daily life most of the time we are taking decision according to some hypothetic which may or may not true.


“Hypothesis” Seminar Report

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  • What is Hypothesis?
  • Types of Hypothesis
  • References

Include with “Hypothesis ” PPT

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  • Definition
  • Contribution
  • Functions
  • Types of Hypothesis
  • Characteristics
  • Importance
  • Reference

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