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Job Analysis is a written record of actual requirements of the job activities.


“Job Analysis is the process of determining and reporting pertinent information relating to the nature of a specific job.”

Job Description:

Job description is written record of the duties, responsibilities and requirements of particular jobs. It is concerned with the job itself and not with the work. It is a statement describing the job in such terms as its title, location, duties, working conditions and hazards. In other words, it tells us “What to be done, and how it is to be done and why.” It is a standard of function, in that it defines the appropriate and authorized contents of a job.   

Job Specification:

Job specification is a standard of personnel and designates the qualities required for an acceptable performance. It is a written record of the requirements sought in an individual worker for a given job. In other words, it refers to a summary of the personnel characteristics required for a job. It is a statement of the minimum acceptable human qualities necessary for the proper performance of a job.



“Job Analysis” Seminar Report

Page Length: 21 Pages


  • What is job analysis?
  • Methods of job analysis
  • Purpose of job analysis
  • Process of job analysis
  • Problems with Job Analysis
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • References

Include with “Job Analysis” PPT

Page Length: 31 Pages


  • What is job analysis?
  • Objectives of job analysis
  • How can you use this tool in your organization?
  • Methods of job analysis
  • Benefits of job analysis
  • Process of job analysis
  • How it works
  • Real world example
  • Limitations
  • Conclusion

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