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Keyword phrase research is the first step in conducting search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing campaigns. You need to be able to “speak the searcher’s language” to help them find what they’re looking for – and what you’re offering.

Proper keyword phrase research should be:

  • Personalized
  • Based on real data
  • Continuous and ongoing

Keep doing keyword phrase research the old way and you’ll be sabotaging your SEO and PPC efforts from the outset. The good news is, there’s a better way. The Word Stream keyword management solution can improve every aspect of your keyword research process. Read on to see how.


“Keyword” PPT 

Page Length: 10 Pages


  • Keyword Phrase Research – Finding Your Business’s Best Keyword Phrases
  • The Old Way of Finding Keyword Phrases
  • Keyword Phrase Research the WordStream Way
  • Use WordStream to Identify Longer, Niche Keyword Phrases
  • Why Wait? Try WordStream for Keyword Phrase Research Today!

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