Managerial Economics Seminar Report With PPT


It is the discipline that deals with application of economic concepts, theories and methodologies to practical problems of businesses/firms. Subject that uses the theories of economics and the methodologies of decision sciences for managerial decision-making is known as managerial economics.

What is Managerial Economics?

Managerial economics is the science of directing scarce resources to manage cost effectively. It consists of three branches: competitive markets, market power, and imperfect markets. A market consists of buyers and sellers that communicate with each other for voluntary exchange.



“Managerial Economics” Seminar Report

Page Length: 24 Pages


  • Introduction
  • What Is Managerial Economics
  • Why Managerial Economics?
  • Features Of Managerial Economics
  • Nature Of Managerial Economics
  • Scope Of Managerial Economics
  • Techniques Or Methods Of Marginal Economics
  • Role Of Managerial Economist
  • Conclusion
  • References

Include with “Managerial Economics ” PPT

Page Length: 12 Pages


  • Introduction
  • What is Managerial economics
  • Why Managerial Economics?
  • Features of Managerial Economics
  • Scope of Managerial Economics
  • Techniques or Methods of Marginal Economics
  • Role of managerial economist
  • Conclusion
  • References

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