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  • POPSI Postulate based permuted subject indexing is a pre- coordinate indexing system
  • development by G. Bhattacharyya.
  • It uses the analytic-synthetic method for string formulation and permutation of the constituent term in order different approach point to the document.
  • POPSI does not depend on the class number. But is based on Ranganathan’s postulates and principles of general theory of classification.
  • According to English Spanish Dictionary, Postulate based subject indexing system   is an innovative verbal classification system based primarily on Ranganathan’s Postulate redefined in a lucid way by Bhattacharyya.

Postulate-based Permuted Subject Indexing (POPSI) is an indexing procedure helpful in:

      1) Formulating subject headings;

      2) Deriving subject index entries for a catalogue

     3) Determining the subject of reader’s query in a

     4) Formulating a strategy for searching information

     5) Deriving a base for the presentation of ideas and index to a book. etc; consistent and helpful way about a subject in a catalogue or other surrogate filer in the text ) of a document  and

   6) Formulating subject representation for the preparation of coded input for the generation of thesaurus 



Page Length: 13 Pages


  • Introduction
  • Classification
  • Table of POPSI
  • Step of POPSI
  • Analysis
  • Formalisation
  • Modulation
  • Standardisation
  • Preparation of the EOC
  • Decision about TA
  • Preparation of EAC

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