Shannon And Weaver Presentation Report [PPT]


  • Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver were engineers working for Bell Telephone Labs in the United States , both of them joined together to write an article in “Bell System Technical Journal” called “ Shannon and weaver model of communication”
  • Their goal was to ensure the maximum efficiency of telephone cables and radio waves.
  • They developed a model of communication which was intended to assist in developing a mathematical theory of communication.
  • Claude Shannon (1916-2001) is considered one of the founding fathers of the communications age.
  • Shannon and Weaver model of communication has been called the “mother of all the models”


“Shannon And Weaver” PPT 

Page Length: 12 Pages


  • Biography
  • Shannon and Weaver Model
  • Elements of the Model
  • Dysfunctional Factor
  • Three other factors that Affecting while communicating
  • Levels of Problems in the Analysis of Communication
  • Examples

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